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Contribuer à votre élan me met en joie!

I'm happy when I see you get back on track!

Hello and welcome to my website!
Please allow me to share a bit about myself...

My name is Nadia and I'm a business & career coach and consultant.

I support people and organisations in the changes they face, both through individual and group sessions.

Long-term project-based assignments are also possible on request.

Mon expérience / My experience
To assist me in my work, I rely on : 
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Over 25 years' professional corporate experience, working in both multicultural and international environments, as an internal and external consultant, in finance and HR, in leadership coaching and Agile transformation projects. 


A rich life experience that has led me to overcome some major personal and professional roadblocks (including a burn-out).

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The practice of meditation to remind me that, behind everything  that we actually see, there is a subtler ever-changing reality.

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The ability to help you communicate directly with the inner parts of yourself (soul, personality, belief system, etc.) or with a system you belong to (company, department, team, job, etc.), as if it were an individual.

Mais encore / What else ?
What else ?
  • My greatest joy comes from helping to (re)ignite the vitality of individuals and organisations when they are faced with challenges that are holding them back. Why do I do this? Because I deeply believe that when we (re)connect with who we truly are, it releases joy within which will have a positive knock-on effect on the world.

  • Curious by nature and with a relentless need to understand/explore the world and how it works, I get great pleasure from learning and discovering new horizons, especially those that challenge my beliefs/knowledge.

A little anecdote

As a Belgian national, I see myself more as a citizen of the world. I was born in Africa, educated by a Brazilian, spent a few years in Hong Kong and have mostly worked in large corporations on international projects with colleagues from all over the world. I have benefited from the wealth of a broad cultural diversity, giving me the feeling that I belong anywhere and everywhere.

Anecdote / fun fact

You can find my detailed background on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn
My path / Mon parcours
My background decoded ...

It all started with a desire to travel... My dream as a child was to become a air hostess! 😊 Therefore I! That's right, "finance is what is most exportable!" and "it's the highroad that opens all the doors", as my father used to say... It turned out to be a good decision as it definitely opened doors to international opportunities for me, while at the same time fulfilled the need I had for the structure and impartiality of working with figures.

I have also always liked to give support and guidance to people in their challenges (to the best of my ability) and was thrilled to get the opportunity to join big-4 consulting firms and experience the diversity, international projects, constant learning and outstanding colleagues that it provided.

And it was through coaching, Agile projects and 'Les Papotes' that I discovered a new, far more effective way of supporting people: I realised that the solution to any challenge is already present in everyone (individual/group/system) and that if we could find a way of helping people to bring it out by themselves, the impact would be all the greater... And so that's where I'm at today: communicating with the heart of a person or a system in order for them to find the best  solutions and increase their flow.

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